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Shopping Benefits With Us
Shopping Benefits With Us
Shopping Benefits With Us
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Vinex Badminton Racket Kit Bag - Super

Vinex Badminton Racket Kit Bag - Super
MRP : Rs. 1982
Offer Price : Rs. 1784
1% Off

Vinex Badminton Racket Bag - Club Plus

Vinex Badminton Racket Bag - Club Plus
MRP : Rs. 107
Offer Price : Rs. 106

Buy Badminton Equipment Online at VINEXSHOP

The most favorite, inexpensive and easiest indoor as well as outdoor sport game is Badminton that played by all ages of people from kids to adults. To play with Badminton Rackets, there is no need of any specific platform. Badminton can be played in school, club, offices and even at home. It is such a most entertaining game that played in two ways - two opposing players (Singles) and two opposing players (Doubles). Badminton Equipment used to play this game are a Badminton Racket, Shuttlecock, Badminton Post, Badminton Net and a Badminton Carry Bag. It works like a complete exercise for a fit and healthy body. There are many benefits to play this game on regular basis. Some of them are - it reduces Bad Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, and Heart Attack Problems. It helps in strengthening muscles and improving body flexibility, endurance, coordination, balance, speed & agility and etc. Playing badminton is the right choice to lose weight or improve body shape.

Why VINEX Badminton Equipment?

VINEX is the most reputable brand in the world of Sports and Fitness. Many of the professional players choose to use Vinex Sports Equipment. By using the latest technology available in the industry, we make our Badminton Rackets better than others. We at VINEX offers a complete range of Badminton Equipment & Accessories (including Badminton Rackets, Shuttlecocks, Badminton Nets, Badminton Post, Badminton Racket Bags and etc.) which are reliable in terms of quality and durability. There is a range of Badminton Rackets that differ in Composition, Construction, Grip, Head Size, Weight and Playing Level. Vinex Shuttlecocks are made of long lasting hen feather that gives perfect flight and balance. We offer our badminton products with affordable options for beginners and intermediate players.

VINEXSHOP is one of the oldest and reliable online shopping destination to buy Badminton Rackets, Shuttlecocks, Badminton Post, Badminton Nets, Badminton Racket Covers and Bags at highly discounted price in India. VINEXSHOP is an exclusive online badminton equipment shop established by Vinex Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. to provide the customers with the best quality sports equipment and services.

Buy Badminton Rackets Online

If you are browsing for the quality badminton racket nearby you then you should check out our exclusive range of Badminton Racquets. Buy Badminton Rackets Online from Vinex Sports Shop at great discounts prices with fast delivery and easy payment option. Vinex Rackets are available in different pattern and style with high hitting capacity, durability and brilliant handling. Vinex rackets have good control and speed to enhance the level of playing. Ideal for beginners to intermediate players. Vinex Badminton Rackets are available in various shapes, sizes and specifications so that player can choose the best one as per his requirement and his style and personality.

Buy Badminton Shuttlecocks Online

Vinex Sports is offering a wide variety genuine Shuttlecocks that made with the high quality material. Check out our extensive range of Badminton Shuttlecocks that made of premium quality Plastic, Duck Feather, Goose Feather and Hen Feather. Buy Badminton Shuttlecocks online at amazingly affordable prices from India leading brand VINEX.