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Vinex AB Wheel - Ecos

Comes with 1 Pc of Vinex AB Wheel - Ecos & 12" x 6" Mat for Knees within a box
Vinex AB Wheel - Ecos
MRP : Rs. 575
Offer Price : Rs. 499
33% Off

Vinex AB King Pro - Classic (AB Exerciser)

Vinex AB King Pro - Classic, Comes with Complete Owners Manual.
Vinex AB King Pro - Classic (AB Exerciser)
MRP : Rs. 7630
Offer Price : Rs. 5133
38% Off

Vinex Sit-Up Bench - Stylus

Designed for sit-ups, abdominal and upper body workouts.
Vinex Sit-Up Bench - Stylus
MRP : Rs. 5848
Offer Price : Rs. 3599
35% Off

Vinex AB Roller - Classic (AB Rocket)

Ergonomic design for an effective abdominal workout.
Vinex AB Roller - Classic (AB Rocket)
MRP : Rs. 2688
Offer Price : Rs. 1749

Buy Abdominal Exercise Equipment Online at VINEXSHOP

Abdominal exercise also known as ab exercise is a great way to strengthen the core muscles of stomach (also known as abdominal muscles or stomach muscles). These muscles are small and located in the core area of stomach. The workout with the use of abdominal and back muscles is called core exercise. This type of workout includes various exercises such as sit-up, crunches, ball of rock, leg lowering, ab roller, bicycle crunch, reverse crunch, long arm crunch and more. These core exercises are vital for healthy lifestyle and overall fitness of our body. An effective core alleviates the stress from the core muscles with improving the body postures and overall fitness. This core includes the muscles from the abdominal trunk to the lower torso. When this core is strong and stable, more energy is transferred to the other muscles naturally for good speed, flexibility and balance.

To build a strong core one need to exercise a variety of muscles from hips to shoulder including with abdominal muscles. Abdominal exercises can be performed with the help of some Ab Exercisers like Ab Roller, Ab Rocket, Ab Twister, Sit-Up Bench, Ab Exercising Chair, Total Core Ab Machine, Ab King Pro, Ab Circle Pro and etc. With flatten the stomach / belly, these ab exercises also burn fat from all over the body so that it can take a good shape. Ab exercise is beneficial in performing various physical activities in any sport and daily life because without having strong core / abdominal muscles injury, aches and pain may occur more frequently. The best aspect of these abs workouts is that the change will reflect with in short amount of time. For a beginner or a professional it is the great way to increase endurance and efficiency with a least investment.

Why VINEX Abdominal Exercise Equipment?

Abdominal exercise equipment are great for helping you to keep the belly fat at bay, and to help you gain a great six pack. VINEX is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Fitness Equipment and Accessories. By using the latest technology available in the industry, we make our fitness equipment better than others. We at VINEX offers a complete range of Abdominal Exercise Equipment including Ab Roller, Ab Rocket, Ab Twister, Sit-Up Bench, Ab Exercising Chair, Total Core Ab Machine, Ab King Pro, Ab Circle Pro and etc. Our products are reliable in terms of quality and durability.

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