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Vinex Twist Stepper - Ultima

Vinex Twist Stepper - Ultima
MRP : Rs. 4416
Offer Price : Rs. 3275
24% Off

Vinex Steppers - ECOS (Without Twist)

Vinex Steppers - ECOS (Without Twist)
MRP : Rs. 3969
Offer Price : Rs. 3033

Buy Exercise & Fitness Steppers Online at VINEXSHOP

Fitness Stepper (also known as Exercise Steppers, Stair Steppers or Climbers) is a great way for doing stair exercises. A Fitness stepper is a small exercising machine that allows you to simulate the motions of climbing stairs, walking up hills and similar forms of cardiovascular exercise. This is a new generation exercise machine that makes up and down movement like climbing on stairs with the help of two pedals on which you put your feet. This is the great way to do exercise with fun at home. This is the most convenient, cost-effective and easy method for overall fitness, health and wellness. It is used for aerobic and anaerobic training, upper and lower body workout, power development, endurance and flexibility.

With up and down movements, it involves side to side motion and twist action. This low impact exercise tool is beneficial in many aspects such as toning muscles, weight loss, calories burn, functional strength, balance, bone density and joint mobility. Exercising on a fitness stepper can give you a low-impact aerobic cardiovascular workout. Exercising on steppers will also target your legs and buttocks, and it will help to make your legs and buttocks more toned and shapely. This small and light weight device is a complete solution to get into shape as it strengthens legs, thighs and buttocks. Fitness steppers are good for those who want their complete home gym at home in minimum space and cost.

Why VINEX Fitness Steppers / Exercise Steppers?

We at Vinex Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. are proud to make available to the peoples top line of Fitness Steppers / Exercise Steppers. We are here to help you find the fitness steppers based on your needs and budget. By using the latest technology available in the industry, we make our steppers better than others. Vinex exercise steppers have several functionalities. These compact design steppers are easy to use, light in weight and portable. Vinex Exercise Steppers are available in two options with or without twist motion. These steppers are made of heavy duty sturdy steel with ease of height adjustment. These steppers have Non-Slip Foot Pads, Electronic Meter, Calorie Counter, Timer, Workout Counter, and Total Session Workout Counter with LCD Computer display. You are not far away from this short and useful device for your own gym.

VINEXSHOP is one of the oldest and reliable online shopping destination to buy Fitness Steppers, Exercise Steppers online at highly discounted price in India. VINEXSHOP is an exclusive online fitness equipment shop established by Vinex Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. to provide the customers with the best quality fitness equipment and accessories.